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Our goal is to encourage people to embrace polyamorous relationships
and bring them together.

Polyamory Dating is an online social network in which anyone can open a personal dating profile, message others, create local events, write a personal blog and of course find new loves. The site collates unique articles and researches as well as various media clippings about polyamory, non-monogamous and monogamous relationships and the difference between them. In addition, readers can get authoritative answers from experts in our forums. All services including the dating service are free and will always stay that way.

We believe that dismantling the monogamous myth will free us from the state and the conservative restrictive grip of monogamous religions and allow us to focus our attention on our happiness and natural right to freedom.

The freedom to love who and as many people as we want.

Polyamory derives its strength from several human characteristics. We are born polyamorous and are naturally polyamorous, yet thousands of years under monogamous culture (including Hollywood romances) have made us adopt the monogamous lifestyle as a given, despite the fact that it is the root of all problems and troubles in modern marriage and couples’ lives.

The polyamory community is a growing and supportive community, comprised of individuals of all ages. Every day new people join the community, people who have grown sick of conservative society’s restrictions and who choose free love as a way of life.

Polyamory Dating provides any framework required by the community to improve the dating experience and spread love worldwide!

If you agree with this concept, you’re welcome to join and find new friends and loves! Hurray! 😉

Polyamory Dating team

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