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Tany SalonikiI was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to loving, monogamous parents, a supportive older sister, a boisterous dog and a curious cat. Meow! When I first fell in love I realized I could love more than one person, which seemed simply natural to me. I usually had one main love and alongside it several other loves of both sexes Bisexual pride flag.

Alongside the sense of freedom and enriched love that polyamory has given me, I feel ideologically isolated as well as having difficulties explaining my lifestyle. When I want to meet new people, I realize many still hold a monogamous worldview together with a strong prejudice towards anything foreign or different. For many people, single and married alike, adopting the polyamorous way of life is exactly what would make their lives and the lives of their loved ones happy and content, yet ignorance and social stigma lead them to carry on with unsatisfactory monogamous relationships.

That’s why I built this website, to create a hub of all things polyamory and to reveal to you a rich and fascinating world of love and, maybe, also help me find a main love 😀

Those with the will and means to support us will drive me to continue expanding this site with interesting and useful content.

Yours truly,
Tany Saloniki (profile page)tiny-tany

Current residence: London, United Kingdom.
Previous residences: Tel Aviv, Rome, Bangkok, Frankfurt.

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