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Why do men and women cheat?

There is a basic thing worth learning about love and its ramifications on relationships, which also helps to understand why many people cheat on their loved ones in couple relationships. 1. Sexual stimulation: the desire for sexual satisfaction, lust. 2. … Read More

Help! My partner might fall in love with another person

What should I do? Encourage him! Yes, exactly that. Encourage him and support him, even though it seems that you are the one needing support. Remember that you are now a type of security, a framework for his life, because … Read More

The power of polyamory

❤ Polyamory draws its strength from the genetic makeup and character traits of human beings. We are born with the ability to love our parents, our siblings and all our family, and it is only logical and natural that we … Read More

The dark side of monogamy

How many couples do you know whose relationships are terrible, but they do not “cheat” on each other? Is this ideal love? Do you live or want to live with a person you no longer love but are forced to … Read More

Should tell people that I am polyamorous on the first date?

When you are on a date, assume that the other party has a monogamous view. Should you share with him that you are polyamorous? My answer is unequivocal: definitely not! The moment you declare that you are able to love … Read More

The complete beginner’s guide to polyamorous relationships: Second part

If this is your first time reading this guide, please read the first part before continuing. We receive a lot of queries from visitors. The most common one is how to begin. In this part of the guide we’ll guide … Read More

How to respond to criticism of the polyamorous way of life

With time you will discover that most people have no idea whatsoever what polyamory is, and some assume by mistake that it means polygamy. Unfortunately, even when you explain to them for the first time what polyamory is, they will … Read More

Polyamory: Frequently Asked Questions

What is polyamory? ❤ Polyamory is a non-platonic relationship with more than one partner. This isn’t a case of multiple sexual partners, but a multitude of romantic love interests. Polyamory isn’t swinging, which focuses entirely on sex. Even if you … Read More