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We started talking about polyamory and…

We started talking about polyamory and…

When we started talking about polyamory, I noticed your interest. You listened intently and asked some intriguing questions.

After a while you stopped me with a ‘but,’ saying it simply could not work because people are jealous and possessive, that it was risky because of venereal diseases, and that it was simply an open relationship disguised as love.

I pulled out my phone and showed you this website. You smiled with surprise. You realized I wasn’t a weird guy with commitment issues after all.

Here’s what I saw. Before we started talking about polyamory, you were your natural self. But once I broached the topic, you felt threatened. Your independent, critical thinking went out of the window, and you turned into a zombie controlled by thousands of years of monogamous culture that had permeated deep into your psyche. You had been born into a monogamous family and so far had been exposed exclusively to the monogamous way of life through songs, novels, and films. Anything non-monogamous had to be negative in your eyes, from unfaithfulness and cheating to nasty divorce.

You were never going to say, “Yes, you’re right! How come I never thought of that?” Despite the high cognitive abilities of the human brain, we are still controlled and motivated by fear. The most powerful human emotion is fear – of social criticism, of being different. People have hundreds of different fears. We’re even afraid of thinking differently. You won’t agree with me today or tomorrow. You’re afraid. It will take you months, years, and only after you experience it yourself, or maybe never.

Furthermore, I find it difficult to speak with monogamists about polyamory just as I find it difficult to speak with believers about atheism. (A religious Muslim woman has recently told me that atheism is caused by a brain defect). That’s why I’ve set up this website: I’m frustrated with people not seeing that multiple relationships can actually make them and their loved ones happier.

Before we said goodbye, I gave you my business card so that you could read some articles and learn about polyamory, or maybe because I liked you and was hoping for a new love.
Drop me a line! 😀

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Pleased to meet you! I created this site in order to encourage people to try polyamorous relationships and bring them together. My articles are written with an experience of over twenty years in various polyamorous relationships. I share with you my experience and insight through the numerous relationships I’ve had in the hope you’ll find answers to your questions from someone living a free life. (read more).


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Bryce Holywell
Bryce Holywell

I’ve found that the girls who dont know and dont understand tend to say “oh i couldnt do that im to jealous and possessive”. Also if you are on tinder and you are a guy, dont write polyamorous in the about me section, i believe it resulted in less matches. Build the convo up first then drop the p bomb lightly and fish for reactions.


Mhaye De La Peña
Mhaye De La Peña

Hi!Thanks for this site… I am new in this field.Me and my boyfriend are practicing a non-monogamous relationship(actually he was the one who introduce me into this). Honestly, at first I don’t understand anything about polyamory and until now I am still finding ways to educate me in this kind of relationship… Hope someone will help me and impart some of their ideas in polyamory!

Jim Polylover
Jim Polylover

I hope someone has already reached out to you with the help you asked for, but if not, I’ll offer mine. Also check out my blog post, as well as some other resources I have posted there.

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