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We are launching a new website soon

We are launching a new website soon

Over the past two years, we have invested many hours in developing the current site, which now boasts more than five thousand registered members. In recent months, we have been working on a new site to create a better dating platform for polyamorists.

We’re pleased to announce that the new site will be launched in October.

The site will offer vast improvements: a uniquely designed profile page with more options for self-expression, an advanced search page including a map, higher speed, and enhanced privacy protection.

The switch to the new platform will involve some important changes.

All profiles with a personal picture will be transferred to the new site. Members with no picture on their profiles will be given a limited time to complete their profiles on the new site. If they fail to do so, their profiles will be permanently deleted. Please note that all members will need to update their profiles.

For technical reasons we will have to delete all comments on articles, forums, and private chats between members. If there are any messages you wish to save, you can do so on the current site by clicking on Download History in the Notifications tab.

We continue to work passionately to encourage people to embrace polyamorous relationships and bring them together.

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Pleased to meet you! I created this site in order to encourage people to try polyamorous relationships and bring them together. My articles are written with an experience of over twenty years in various polyamorous relationships. I share with you my experience and insight through the numerous relationships I’ve had in the hope you’ll find answers to your questions from someone living a free life. (read more).

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