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What makes Polyamory Dating unique

What makes Polyamory Dating unique

As part of my passion for encouraging people to be polyamorous and helping them get together, I’ve checked other dating websites in the category and found some undeniable differences.

Dating websites for polyamorous and non-monogamous people

Open Relationship

Polyamory Dating

Motive The website was set up for purely financial reasons. We set up the website for moral reasons and because of our passion for spreading endless love all around the world.
Target audience The website targets the entire non-monogamous community (polyamorists are not explicitly mentioned). We explicitly target the polyamorous community, which we see as the primary audience of the website (though all non-monogamous and monogamous people are welcome).
Real users Most profiles are fake and run by a software to create the illusion of a large, active website with thousands of users. One website even brags about having more than 50 thousand users, but in reality there are only a few hundred inactive users (the others are fake profiles). All profiles belong to real people.
(please encourage your friends to join the website).
Payment Dating services are NOT free. A monthly fee is required in order to send and read messages. Only registration is free (absurd). Our website is FREE and always will be! You can send and receive messages without limit. All services are free to the community.
Privacy Your privacy is NOT protected. Read the Privacy Policy and you’ll see.  We protect your privacy!  (Read our Privacy Policy)

  • You use either your real name or an alias.
  • Your personal information is never shared with a third party.
  • User profiles are excluded from search engine results.
  • Our servers are located in the US and protected by three security methods.
Security Some websites have no security (easy to hack). Our website uses SSL security, including a secure server (hard to hack).
Profile deletion You can’t delete your profile yourself. You can delete your profile yourself.
Delete account Your personal details are saved in the database after deleting the profile, which becomes their property! Your personal details are deleted immediately after deleting the profile and can’t be recovered.
Content There are very few articles written by (monogamous) freelancers who write in generalities and know nothing about polyamory. We publish articles, guides, and valuable information especially written by people from the polyamorous community in particular and the non-monogamous community in general.
Conclusion People who register talk to robots known as PolyBots. That’s fraud. You decide.


The competing websites damage the reputation of all websites in the category. Users who have tried them and paid money only to discover that they’re hookup sites or scams have lost trust.

We’re here for you 😀

Sign up and meet your love(s) today!

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Pleased to meet you! I created this site in order to encourage people to try polyamorous relationships and bring them together. My articles are written with an experience of over twenty years in various polyamorous relationships. I share with you my experience and insight through the numerous relationships I’ve had in the hope you’ll find answers to your questions from someone living a free life. (read more).


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Darron Mould
Darron Mould

A couple of weeks ago, I had a promising message. I replied and saw that not only had the woman’s profile picture disappeared but her profile name had changed. I wonder if she was a fake getting through your guards.

Steven O'Dell
Steven O'Dell

This is awesome, Tany. Thank you for your concern and efforts. I learned of this via a poly group on facebook. I hope it

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