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A true connection

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    Jayson Meers
    Jayson Meers

    What a true connection feels like, it’s like being awake to feel the earth at its cleanest, the cooling freshness in the air, the smell of an evergreen forest on morning dew, catching nocturnal animals before they go to bed and seeing the light of a new sun on the horizon, It is that thing that reminds us that we are alive and a part of something far greater than we can ever comprehend, it is romance, it is beauty and it is something that is well worth waiting for and makes this world of ours all the more worth while.

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    Talisa Appleby

    how do you distinguish between romance and new relationship energy?

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    Jayson Meers
    Jayson Meers

    New relationship energy to me is like a floating butterfly sensation in the stomach when you are meeting, it is having the words in your mind that the tongue sometimes forgets to speak, it’s a riding excitement like the thrill of a roller coaster it is anticipation at its finest moment and you get to experience every time you plan to meet, it is like static energy, a feeling of nerves and enlightenment, almost like experiencing the thrill of being a young teenager again, when everything is new, everything is exciting and thrilling, each moment embraces your sensations, catches your eye, consumes your sinuses, in the moment of fresh kisses, the feeling of ones lips against yours, the taste lingering on your tongue as if a new sweet flavour you cannot help but divulge in the pallet, the feeling of joy and the moment that passes between you.

    Romance is like that comforting blanket that you hold, the pillow that you embrace, it is soothing, like climbing into a freshly made bed with fresh sheets after a warming shower, romance in itself is a time and space where you feel free but secure, protected and in company, well fed without being overfull contented and at peace with ones self and ones company, romance doesn’t have to be doing something especially romantic, it isn’t a gesture like so many assume, romance is romantic it is a mutual trust between two willing and understanding parties and a communication no spoken in words.

    Or atleast That is how I would explain it

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    • This reply was modified 1 day, 18 hours ago by Jayson Meers Jayson Meers.

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