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Age and Body Type Limits?

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    Jim Polylover
    Jim Polylover

    I am willing to date any woman of any age, younger, same, or older, and almost any body type, excepting extremely overweight. I think that I am probably a rare exception in this. What are your limits?

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    Maci Gillpost
    Talisa Appleby

    Hmmm that’s a great question

    I had to give this a lot of thought. I have neither gender/sex limits nor age limits (provided legal…). I don’t believe I have any body type restrictions.

    However, the more I thought about it, I realized that there may be restrictions based on my lifestyle. I like to get out and about and do things, try new stuff, and I am trying to make my body match all my endeavors, hahaha. So, I guess as long as people can keep up with that, I’m a-ok 🙂

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    Janie Knight
    Janie Knight

    I don’t really have any body types I would say no to, it’s more about the person to me not what they look like, but I am overweight myself so maybe that’s one reason.

    Age wise I wouldn’t say no to someone with an extreme age difference to me, older or younger, but I would have to gibe some thought if they were quite a bit younger, and obviously they would have to be of legal age.

    Generally the majority of my past relationships habe been with partners up to ten years younger than myself. One brief fling (not through lack of wanting more but he did a dissapearong act after 2 dates) was with someone over double my age, i was 23 he was 54.

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    Janie Knight
    Janie Knight

    Oh can I just apologise if there are any typos. I have dyslexia so sometimes miss them when checking my posts

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    What is the age limit or age difference. Well for me it doesn’t matter if love and understanding is there. My first crush was my teacher who was 20 years older. She was dominating but we loved each other passionately. My wife is 12 years younger than me. We have great time. So for me age doesn’t matter if you are concerned for each other..

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