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Poly is not a sin in life it is a type of life.

Home Forums Polyamory Poly is not a sin in life it is a type of life.

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    Rajiv Kothapalli
    Rajiv kothapalli

    When god created the world he just said multiply and fill the earth,this statement is what we see in many religious books.I agree with that but what i always try to figure out is who created the rules for this mutiplication.If it was god, the rules would be the same to humans and animals because he said multiply to all the living creatures in the same way.Then why is that animals love each other and multiply in a much better way than humans.Animals never have divorce,they dont breakup,they dont get jealous when their partners are with some oneelse,they dont make eachothers life miserable,they dont even have the thought of controlling their partners,the great thing is they dont have marraige clause to be with someone they just go by their wish and yet after these many years of their existence there is not even a single breakup. To the numbers of their families there are no boundaries and limits they keep on loving and are united till they die.They are always poly ready to accept anyone if they like,so expanding and filling the earth.The truth is, how can the human life expand from a male and a female to this number without poly.if poly was a sin or something like that,why would god create only two and ask them to multiply.and why would the animal life naturally acquire the qualities of polylove without someone teching them.It is we, our evil selfish people who wanted to be controllers of the earth had created this rules for love and relations.If these rules were applicable when god said multiply and fiil the earth, today the earth would have been empty.this itself proves that the rules which religion is speaking today about love and relations were not meant by god when he said multiply and that is why human and animal life expanded and we are existing today.but bcz of our corrupt rules we are existing with pain and animals followed god and are always united and happy.
    poly is not a sin in life, it is a type of life.

    The evil one has not only corrupted human brains but also through them he also manipulated the news of god so that we might say god is wrong and shall seek him bcz he might teach us the truth.and even if we seek him we do it with wrong and corupt understanding.

    I think all these things happen to us bcz we might realize what the truth is.and we might spread the news and importance of true love which is of god, like the animals do to us but the world dont have eyes to see or a heart to understand god made our lives like this so that he may open our eyes and hearts and we can understand and explain to humans what we now see.
    God loves all of us.The creator is our father.Our religion is nature.

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    Marcia Everett
    Marcia Everett

    Hmm or There IS NO GOD.

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    This is a very incredible read. Thank you for posting this. I might clean it up a bit and make it an article, with your permission?

    There are some scientific disagreements to make with you concerning animals, but those are minor details compared to the message you’re sharing.

    For those that believe in God, being polyamorous might cause moral apprehensiveness. They may try to deny themselves “in the name of God.” I love your example that, accepting God created all animals (humans, too) and that He commanded all to bear fruit and multiply, then living a poly lifestyle could be applicable to that commandment.

    I generally refer people to the Book of Job though, where the general message is that it is not for humans to understand God’s plans or reasons, haha. But, back to the point, I think this is an avenue that should be explored.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Jim Polylover
    Jim Polylover

    @Rajiv I heartily approve of what you are trying to say, but the way you are saying it appears to be wrong. I think you have great lack of knowledge about the animal kingdom. There are many species, horses and wolves both jump to my mind, where there is only one breeding male, with lots of fights for him to maintain that enviable position. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t seem to be very poly to me.

    On the other hand, whether there is a God with an individual personality, or if The Universe is all the God there is, it is my strong opinion that He/She/It Heartily approves of sex in all its forms, and is therefore also approving of poly.

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    Rajiv Kothapalli
    Rajiv kothapalli

    I agree that i have little knowledge on point was that freedom which god has given is for every one and we choose what to do acording to our urges.but people without understanding the natural urges of different people cannot make rules.

    Sorry if i shared some wrong facts my only point was the moral behind it.
    and also i am not so good at writing and also english language.
    just shared a feeling.

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    Thanks, Jim, for adding to the discussion 🙂

    That’s ok, Rajiv. I got your PM; thank you once again for the additional insights you shared to me!

    Concerning animals, I think it’s possible that we can see the way in which some species are more poly than others.

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