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Polyamory groups on Facebook

United States

Polyamory Wisconsin Closed Group 150+ Members

Polyamory of South Texas Closed Group 120+ Members

Tristate Polyamory (Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio) Closed Group 150+ Members


Polyamory and open relationships Closed Group 1,500+ Members

Polyamory open relationships meeting Community Organization 440+ like this

Open relationship and polyamory Closed Group 600+ Members


Toronto Polyamory Community 350+ Members

Toronto Polyamory Community 450+ Members


United Kingdom

UK Polyamory Closed Group 450+ Members


Polyamory Ireland Closed Group 450+ Members


Polyamory deutschsprachig (German speakers) Closed Group 2150+ Members

Australia and Oceania


Sydney Polyamory Public Group 1,500+ Members 

New Zealand

Polyamory NZ Closed Group 300+ Members


Polyamory · Non-monogamy · Feminism 18,000+ Members

Polyamory · Non-monogamy · Open relationship Closed Group 21,000+ Members

GAY (LGBT) Polyamory Topics and Discussion 2000+ Members Closed Group

If you are aware of any other Facebook group that should be on this list, please let us know.

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