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Privacy and copyright protection

We keep your privacy safe!

We will not sell your details to third parties and they will not be used outside of the site.

If you have found personal information (such as name, picture, address etc.) or copyright protected content, please send us a message and we will remove these as soon as possible.

Some of our services allow you to upload, store, send or receive content. Rights to own intellectual property for such content will stay with you. In others words, what’s yours is yours.

When you upload, store, send or receive content on or through our services, you allow the site to use, host, store, copy, alter, derive (such as translate, process or change in any way to fit your content with our services), inform, publish and distribute your public content, for example on our homepage. The rights you grant in this license are only used for the purpose of operating, promoting and improving our services and developing new services. This license will continue to be in force even if you choose to cease using our services. This does not include your private content, which you have not published publicly. Deleting your private content from the site will permanently delete it.

These terms of service may be periodically updated.

Polyamory.Dating shall not be held responsible nor will it provide any monetary or other compensations to anyone who feels offended by the site or claiming for any damages caused.

The site encourages critical thinking and polyamory may not be right for all people. If you believe a polyamorous relationship would be detrimental to your happiness, in current or future relationships, please do not use the site.

Our services also present content that does not originate on Polyamory.Dating (hereinafter: the site). This content is under the direct responsibility of its publisher.

We keep your personal information secured and private.

These terms of service may be periodically updated.

If you have any questions about the terms of service, please ask through the Contact Us form.

Liability in regards to dating services

The site provides dating services to interested users.

Most individuals use the site with good faith, but if a particular user harasses you, you may block them and report it to us.

For the sake of caution, do not allow strangers access to any identifiable details including your exact address, postcode and credit card details. We would never ask our users these details, and therefore if any user asks you for any of these, please report them immediately.

Please note that the site and any of its agents are not to be held accountable for any personal meetings arranged through the site. We shall remind you that any meeting with strangers may be detrimental to your wellbeing.

The site shall not be held accountable for its users’ behavior. Should a user act in bad faith against you, please turn to your state’s legal authorities. We will assist to the outmost legal extent, all the while maintaining our user’s rights for privacy and respect.

Last modified: January 2016