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What is the website’s address?

The website’s URL is

The full address on the browser is It is a secured SSL site, meaning the information transmitted between your computer and the site or between your mobile device and the site is secure.

Polyamory Dating URL SSL

I cannot enter the site through my mobile device.

Some older browsers do not recognize the .dating extension and present search results instead of the website.

In this case, please enter the website’s alternative address:
You can save the site under Favorites to make it easier to find next time.

How do you protect my privacy?

Here are some of the measures we take to protect your privacy:

  • You use either your real name or an alias.
  • Your personal information is never shared with a third party.
  • User profiles are excluded from search engine results.
  • Our website uses SSL security, including a secure server.
  • Our servers are located in the US and protected by three security methods.

Can I change my profile name?

Sure! You can change your profile name to a different or false name for complete privacy.

To change your name, click My Account > General and type the new name.
Alternatively, you can delete your account and open a new one with a different name or nickname using the manual registration form (learn how)

Why doesn’t my profile appear on the members page search results?

You probably have not uploaded a profile picture. Only members with profile pictures appear in the search results and on the map. To upload a profile picture, go to Settings > Edit profile. You may want to read the My Profile support page for guidance.

How do I leave a comment on the forum?

It is very simple. In order to participate in the forums, you must be registered on the site. Go to the forums page.
Then, you can create a new topic or respond to existing ones.

Is the site free?

Yes, all activities on the site are free and will always remain free.
You can send and receive an unlimited number of messages to and from other users. You are welcome to sign up and meet friends from all over the world.

Additional information

 Please review our Terms of service and Privacy and copyright protection.

If you relate to the spirit and ideas of this site, you are welcome to Join our writing team.

How to register

In order to meet new friends, find new loves, participate in forums, comment on articles, accumulate points and prizes, and more, you must first register and create your own profile.
The site is free and always will be 🙂

How do I open an account?
First, go to the registration page by clicking onOpen an account(open in new tab)

You can register through a social network (which is faster) or through the registration form.

Registration through a social network (top option)

  1. Click on the social network you wish to use for registration.
    Sign up polyamory dating website
  2. Confirm that you agree to the network conditions.
  3. After returning to the site, fill out the country name and city name fields so that members on the site can find you on the map.
  4. Click on the Complete Registration button.


Registration through a form (bottom option)

  1. Fill in the fields on the form.
  2. Approve ‘I’m not a robot’ in the reCAPTCHA field (all profiles on the site are real).
  3. Click on the Get Started button.


Congratulations! 😀
You have successfully completed your registration!

You will receive an email with the subject header “Welcome to Polyamory Dating!” which approves the activation of the account.

Note that the email will contain your username and password needed to enter your account (you can change the password by going to Settings > My account > Change Password); alternatively, you may enter your account through the social network used to register.

Go to My Profile to learn how to update your profile and upload pictures.

How to edit your profile

You can use your profile to comment on articles, ask questions, respond to users on the forums, send and receive private messages from other members, accumulate points to win prizes, and more. All activities here are free and always will be.

Start update your profileClick on the gear icon to update your profile

After registering, you must first add a profile photo, and then you can edit and update your profile. In order to do this, click on Settings (indicated by a red arrow) and select Edit Profile.

update-your-profileUpload your profile and cover photos

Note that in order to appear on the search results of the members page, you must upload a profile picture. Without it members on the site will not be able to find you.

Complete profileEdit Profile

About Tab

About me – Write something about yourself.

Author description – Meant for authors on the site. If you want to write articles, you can fill in this field so that users can read about you at the end of your article. If you do not write articles, this field will remain empty. Join ourwriting team.

Age – Select your age from the provided age range. Alternatively, you can select Please ask me.

Gender – Select your gender.

Orientation – Select your sexual orientation.

Type of Relationship – Select your preferred type of relationship from the following: monogamy, polyamory, open relationship, poly-curious, swinging, other.

Languages Spoken – Select the languages you speak so that members may contact you in your language.

City – Enter your city of residence. Changing this field will change your location on the map.

Country – Select your country of residence.

Characteristics – Select the traits that most closely apply to you. These will appear as tags under your name on your profile.

You may include a link to your social media account:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube

When you finish updating your user profile, click on the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page.

Update profile button


Gallery Tab

Click on the Add Album button in order to upload pictures to your profile. Upload your photos and click on Save button. Members will be able to view the pictures through the Gallery tab.

Messages Tab

All your discussions with other members will be saved here.

Delete conversations by clicking on the trash icon.

Block users by clicking on the do-not-enter icon (To unblock go to Settings > My account > Privacy > Blocked Users).

My account

Account – Update your name and email address.

Change Password – Change to a new password.


Who can see your public profile? (Profile Privacy) – Select one of the following: Everyone (default), Only me, Only people I follow can view my profile, Followers.

Hide my profile from directory – If you do not want to appear on the site’s search results, select Yes.

Who can see your activity wall? – Select one of the following: Public (default), Members, Only me, Followers, People I follow.

Who can send me private messages? – Select one of the following: Everyone, Nobody, Only people I follow, Followers.

Blocked Users – The list of blocked users. You can unblock users here.

Hide My Online Status – If you do not want others members to see that you are online, select Yes.

Notifications – You will receive a notification to your email when a user sends you a private message or follows you. You can change these settings.

Web Notifications – Set your preferred notifications on the site.

Social Connect – You can connect your profile to one of the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+

My Points – You will receive points for activities on the site.

Delete Account – Selecting this option will delete your account. Note that all your personal information will be permanently deleted. We do not save users’ information. Read more on the Privacy page.


Log out of your account.


Exit Settings.

Please contact us if you have found a mistake in the instructions or if you have suggestions for improvement.

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