The dark side of monogamy

How many couples do you know whose relationships are terrible, but they do not “cheat” on each other? Is this ideal love? Do you live or want to live with a person you no longer love but are forced to tolerate just because of the children? Does couplehood seem like a compromise to you? Do you aspire to a future where you are fettered to the dictates of society? Are monogamous people permitted to see porn films without their partner knowing? To fantasize? To masturbate? Where is the limit? Monogamy encourages so many unnatural and ridiculous distortions.

Release yourself from fear! You can be free.

In the 17th century the Catholic church sentenced Galileo to imprisonment because he dared to disagree with the prevailing perception at the time that the Earth was in the center with the sun orbiting it. Think for a moment: if you had lived in that era in Rome and had met Galileo, and he had said to you, “Listen, I’ve discovered that the sun is in the center”, would you have agreed with him?

    Monogamy is the greatest lie about love in human history!

And what if I ask you about monogamy? Wait, before you answer, let’s assume that you were born to monogamous parents, in a community that reveres monogamy and that the movies you have watched are pro-monogamy. Therefore it is only natural that you will instinctively support monogamy. You can’t help it, you must justify monogamy, otherwise how would you feel about yourself?

You are lucky, though, because now you can get to know people like you who have already joined the growing community of polyamory. In future generations, the polyamorous way of life will be a role model for millions of people throughout the Western world who will enjoy loving and supportive romantic lives.

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