The power of polyamory

Polyamory draws its strength from the genetic makeup and character traits of human beings. We are born with the ability to love our parents, our siblings and all our family, and it is only logical and natural that we can love more than one person in our romantic lives.

Polyamory is deep love felt by people who want to have a family and raise children together, by loving and supportive families. Living the polyamorous way of life is a triumph of free and rational human beings over the conservatism, jealousy, possessiveness and infantilism that prevail in the monogamous world of love.

Polyamory is an atheist way of life that challenges the evil inherent in religion which crushes human liberties.

Polyamory is the application of the principles of capitalism to the world of love! A world in which the pure free market rules without the intervention of the state and the major problems it entails.

Polyamory is to love and to be loved by free will.

Polyamory is infinite love.

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